Laser Hair Removal

For more permanent results,  laser hair removal is a great way of removing unwanted hair. Our eLase diode laser system from leading company Syneron Candela offers safe, effective hair removal treatments for most hair and skin types, and is virtually pain free!

The laser targets the root of the hair, stopping the blood supply to the follicle so the hair no longer grows back.

A course of six sessions is recommended to begin with, although depending on your hair and skin type you may need more. A consultation is required before your treatment where the therapist can answer any questions you may have and advise you on how effective the treatment will be.

A patch test is also required before you start your course of treatment which is also done at your free consultation.

Price List

AreaIndividual TreatmentCourse of 6 Treatments
Upper Lip
Lip and Chin£80.00£400.00
Under Arm£85.00£425.00
Standard Bikini£90.00£450.00
High Bikini£115.00£575.00
Brazilian Bikini£130.00£650.00
Chest and Stomach£200.00£1000.00
Half Arm (upper)£90.00£450.00
Half Arm (lower)£100.00£500.00
Full Arm£165.00£825.00
Extended Chin£50.00£250.00
Full Face£130.00£600.00
Lower Leg£160.00£800.00
Full Leg£240.00£1200.00