Our Self Care Sunday Tip

How To Boost Confidence

This confidence blog has been taken from our Self Care Sunday series; self care tips that we publish every Sunday on social media. For more, follow us on Instagram or Facebook simply by searching for Finn Jordan.

Our self confidence is a delicate thing that can change day to day, and at this time of the year when there are loads of Christmas parties and gatherings, walking into a packed room can be intimidating to say the least!

Sarah here and today I have a few #selfcaresunday tips for when you’re feeling a lack of self confidence. Those who meet me might be surprised that I can really struggle with my confidence; I’m good at talking to people, I smile a lot and have a happy personality, but I massively over analyse and worry.

Over many years I’ve struggled with anxiety, low moods and lack of confidence, but I remind myself of the following tips which can sometimes help to give me that much needed boost:

1) Surround yourself with good people who make you feel great, who lift you up when you are down and are there for you no matter what. These days we can judge ourselves on how many friends we have or how many likes we get on social media, but I’d prefer to have a small number of good, genuine friends rather than 100 people around me who make me feel inadequate.

2) Be aware of negativity, which comes in many forms. Remove negative people from your life. If after scrolling through your social media feeds you feel bad, change the people you follow so it inspires and makes you happy, and DON’T compare yourself to others. Remember that ‘perfect’ image is a 5 second snap shot of their life, and most likely has been staged anyway! Avoid negative thoughts, we can be our worse enemy; practice self love, tell yourself one thing a day that you like about you and make a conscious effort to stop criticising and being so hard on yourself. Congratulate yourself when you do things you find hard and allow yourself to do things you enjoy without feeling guilty; get your hair done, have a massage, bake a cake, go for a walk, read a book, anything that makes you feel good. Those around you will benefit so much from a happier, content and more grounded you.

3) Start writing a personal journal to help work through your thoughts, with the old fashion pen and paper, no technology! It allows you express yourself without fear of being judged and to understand your feelings, thoughts and emotions. However, don’t just write about things that are bringing you down, write about what you are grateful for and happy thoughts you have too, therefore avoiding negativity and practicing self love!

My final tip…you are amazing, remind yourself everyday and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.