Hair Removal


For more permanent results, laser hair removal is a great way of removing unwanted hair.

Our eLase diode laser system from leading company Syneron Candela offers safe, effective hair removal treatments for most hair and skin types, and is virtually pain free!

The laser targets the root of the hair, stopping the blood supply to the follicle so the hair no longer grows back.



Waxing offers a quick, temporary solution to get rid of any unwanted hair. Renowned for our waxing services we are proud to offer Lycon Hot Wax, one of the leaders in the waxing industry, for all our intimate, facial and underarm waxing services.

LYCON’s ground breaking strip-less hot waxes, shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm!  Perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face or body.

LYCON hot waxes encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free.