Hair Colouring

Colour can be a confusing place, so let us take some time to educate you on what ‘hairdresser’s speak’ actually means!

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what colour service is best suited to you; there are lots of different terms that are sometimes hard to get your head around!

At Finn Jordan we offer many different colour services, using different types of products, to create a personalised final look, so we wanted to explain the difference between a few of our most popular services.

Don’t forget if you are unsure book a free consultation to speak to one of our hairdressers.

Please note that all colouring requires a test patch at least 48 hours in advance. If you are having a colour correction, please book in for a consultation before your appointment.

Types of Colour

Temporary : Temporary colours will wash out in roughly 10 washes (depending on hair type).

At Finn Jordan we use Redkens City Beats which includes products in every tone of the rainbow which can also be diluted and intermixed to create pastels, bright colours or pretty much anything you fancy!

Demi permanent: Demi permanent hair colours fade over time, leaving a softer, more natural regrowth that feels glossy and conditioned. Our Redken demi permanent ranges include Shades EQ gloss, Shades EQ cream and HDR.

Our demi permanents are suitable for hair that’s up for 70% grey and because they cover the hair in a multi-tonal way, rather than creating one block colour, grey hair is subtly blended away for a more natural look.

Permanent colour: Permanent colour is suitable for hair that’s up to 100% grey. We have 3 different types of permanent colour that we can use depending on whether you would like a block colour, a multi-tonal colour or how much grey we need to cover.

Permanent colours will not fade over time and will require regrowth top ups every 6-8 weeks.

Colouring & Treatment Prices:

Full Head:
Stylist £95
Senior Stylist £105
Director £115

Half Head:
Stylist £75
Senior Stylist £85
Director £95

T section:

Stylist £50
Senior Stylist £60
Director £70

Regrowth Lightning:

Stylist £60
Senior Stylist £70
Director £80

Regrowth Colour & Refresh:

Stylist £50
Senior Stylist £60
Director £70

Regrowth colour & refresh with slices of highlights and/or Lowlights or freehand painting:
Stylist £85
Senior Stylist £95
Director £110

Stylist £20
Senior Stylist £20
Director £20

PH Bonder – £15

A treatment for guests receiving a colour service which will enhance the condition and health of the hair and help maintain colour for longer.

Chemistry Treatment – £17

An intensive professional conditioning treatment which is uniquely blended to suit your individual hair-type.

Heat Cure – £20

A treatment to be added to cut and blow dry, colour and blow dry services. This is a conditioning treatment to reverse the signs of heat damage in the hair.