Finn Jordan’s Charity of the Year

Mummy’s Star

We came across our charity of the year through Isla Jordan, who some of you may remember from when she worked at Finn Jordan a few years ago. Isla, cousin to Sarah and good friend to her and Claire, was five months pregnant when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Throughout the remainder of her pregnancy Isla had chemotherapy, safely giving birth to her little girl Rose five weeks early. Over the next two and a half years Isla bravely fought the cancer as it spread to various part of her body, but she sadly lost her battle in August 2017 at the age of 36.

Sarah and Claire wanted to support a charity in memory of Isla and after talking to her fiancée and sisters they suggested Mummy’s Star who had supported Isla and her family through her treatment. Mummy’s Star supports pregnant women or new mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer in many ways, and we know Isla really valued the support they gave her.

Throughout this year we hope to not only raise money for this fantastic charity, but also to raise awareness of the great work they do. Everyone who knew Isla have been left heartbroken by her death, but our hope is that by fundraising in her name we can show her daughter Rose, when she’s older, how many people her mummy has helped. We have a charity box on reception for any donations and we’ll keep you up to date with other ways we will be fundraising throughout the year. We thank all of you in advance for any donations you may make.