Facial Treatments

Guinot Facials

For over 40 years Guinot have been using their knowledge as skin care specialists, with the expertise of beauty therapists, to become a product range known for their results.

In 2016 Guinot launched the Hydraderm Cellular Energy, their most advanced machine yet, which increases biological and cellular activity to visibly rejuvenate the skin after just one treatment.

With a variety of 11 bespoke treatment variations our two machines can offer tailored results specific to your concerns.

Finn Jordan are proud to have been awarded Guinot Crown Salon status for 2015 and 2017. This title is awarded to the top 10% of Guinot salons throughout the UK.


Please note: treatment times include consultation & aftercare advice.

Hydraderm Cellular Energy*: 75min – £68

Guinot’s ‘Super Star’ Treatment

This second-generation treatment from Guinot produces double the effects of original Hydradermie. The use of double ionisation means the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin for optimal results. Customised for each skin type and leaving you feeling hydrated, radiant and youthful.

Hydraderm Age Logic*: 90min – £84

This facial incorporates all aspects of the Hydradermie, but concentrates on firming the eye and the neck area. Ideal for those concerned with the signs of ageing in this delicate area.

*Please note that make-up should not be applied for 6 hours after these facials and no treatments with heat (e.g facial waxing, sauna, sun bed) 12 hours before and after the treatment.

Hydraderm Lift

This non surgical lifting treatment uses a stimulation current that gives the facial muscles a workout. An intensive course of 12 treatments, taken three times a week is recommended to start, with maintenance treatments once a month.

Hydraderm Lift Express: 30min – £56  | Course of 12 – £560

For those who want a quick facial treatment. Includes drainage and muscle stimulation.

Hydraderm Lift: 60min – £75 | Course of 12 – £750

Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation, massage and face mask.

Hydraderm Lift Deluxe*: 1hr 45min – £115 | Course of 12 – £1150

Maintenance treatment once a month.

Liftosome: 60 min – £60

A unique treatment method combining firming, regenerating active ingredients with Masque Thermolift, which diffuses heat to improve penetration and cell activity.

Age Summum: 60 min – £76

This facial uses four steps specifically designed to combat the signs of aging. Powerful pro-collagen and vitamin C are used to restore youthful characteristics of the skin. The advanced four steps of this facial, deeply penetrate the skin leaving it rejuvenated, youthful and refreshed.

Beaute Neuve*: 60 min – £60

The fruit infused Beaute Neuve is a double peeling facial that uses the natural exfoliating properties of AHA’s, combined with pure Vitamin C. Great for refreshing the skin, helping pigmentation and fine lines.

Eyelogic: 45 min – £48

A treatment specifically for the eye area reducing dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles to leave eyes refreshed and lifted.

Aromatherapy Associates Facials

Aromatherapy Associates has been at the forefront of aromatherapy for over 30 years. From the beginning they have believed passionately in the healing powers of natural essential oils, and their experience as therapists has shown that essential oils are highly effective in enhancing the state of our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Customised Aromatherapy Associates Facial

Following a consultation with your therapist the most suitable treatment will be selected to best suit your skins individual needs.

  • Essential Rose
  • Skin Solution
  • Deep Cleanse
  • Soothing

Aromatherapy Associates Age Repair Facial: 90 min

An intensive and highly effective anti-aging treatment that repairs skin and stimulates collagen to tighten and plump. This luxurious facial includes a unique dual layering of intensive masks, with specific lifting, plumping and firming massage as well as a deeply relaxing scalp massage to relax any tensions and strains.


Treatment times include consultation and aftercare advice.

60min Facial only £65   |   90min Facial and Back Massage £90

FJ Signature Facials

FJ Signature Facial: 60 min – £60

Cleansing is followed by exfoliation and the application of a mask to leave your skin refreshed and radiant.

FJ Signature Express Facial: 30min – £35