Emotional Skincare

As the pace of modern life accelerates at a faster rate than ever before, it’s no surprise that stressanxiety and fatigue are all coming to the fore. However, negative emotions don’t just rile the brain; these “bad feelings” can also manifest themselves on the body and particularly the skin in the form of breakouts, redness, irritation, dryness and even premature ageing.

“Emotional skincare” is about not just focusing on treating the skin, but achieving harmony between mind, body and soul which ultimately benefits us as a whole. 

So how do you help your stressed our skin? We know that a lot can be controlled via nutrition, emotional balance, sleep and exercise, but a good skincare regime also has the power to change the way we feel, not just the way we look.


Skin is a complex organ so one of the best ways of understanding what it’s trying to tell you is by having a consultation with a skincare specialists, which is why at Finn Jordan we offer 15 minute skin consultations for free.

So now you have introduced a regular skin care routine at home with products that have been professionally recommended for you, is that enough? Well, your skin might start to look better but, realistically, if your stress and anxiety levels are still high the improvement might not get rid of your concerns completely. This is where good nutrition, regular exercise, plenty of sleep and that all important ‘me time’ come into play. In this post we’re going to discuss the correlation of nutrition and skin, but look out for our upcoming blogs that will talk about sleep, me-time and lots other topics too.

External skincare is great at achieving result, but working from the inside out takes things to another level. Now lets be honest, nutrition can be confusing! We know what we shouldn’t eat, but what should we eat for our specific concerns? Any why? We’ve teamed up with nutritionist Lizzy Cole to allow our clients access to all the information they might need to make the right choices for them. We’ve combined our professional treatments and homecare advice with Lizzy’s expertise to create Treatment and Nutrition packages of Beautiful Skin, Energy Booster, Silent Night and Hair Revival. These packages includes a treatment, home-care advice specific to your concerns and a nutrition consultation.

We can sometimes feel bad about doing something for ourselves, however doing something for yourself, that you have a moment of ‘me-time’ can be a powerful thing. Addressing skin concerns can have such a positive effect not just on your skin, but on your mental wellbeing, and that ultimately, is what we should all be focusing on.